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Ph. D. Thesis

|2019.3|Takuya Nanami|EEIS| Qualitative-modeling-based digital silicon neuronal network models|
|2019.3|Hiromasa Sakaguchi| EEIS | Information Processing by Using Network Dynamics of Nonlinear Units with Bifurcation |
|2019.3|Yoshitaka Haribara | MI |Realization and Evaluation of Measurement Feedback Coherent Ising Machines for Combinatorial Optimization Problems|
||Tong| EEIS ||
|| Zhiqiang Tong | EEIS ||
|2018.3|Yang Li|MI|Theoretical Analysis on Wave Dynamics in Cellular Chaotic Neural Networks|
|2017.9|Muyuan Xu|MI|Flexible Information Processing with Nonlinear Dynamics in Neural Networks|
|2017.3|Motoki Nagata|MI|Theoretical Analysis on Detection of Systemic Catastrophes in Complex Social Systems|
|2017.3|Masashi K. Kajita|MI|A Mathematical Study on Ligand Discrimination by Chemical Reaction Networks|
|2016.9|Miwa Fukino|MI|Local and Global Regularity of Musical Time Series|
|2016.3|Takumi Sase|MI|Analyses on Nonlinear Dynamics with Multiple Time-Scales in the Brain|
|2015.9|Taichi Kiwaki|EEIS|Mathematical Analysis of Large-Scale Boltzmann Machines|
|2014.9|Fang Duan|EEIS|MEG Study on Abnormal Development of Brain Network in Autism Children|
|2014.3|Keisuke Ejima|MI|Mathematical Modeling of Disease Transmission Dynamics with Data Generating Processes|
|2013.9|Jing Li|EEIS|Digital silicon neuronal network and its application to associative memory|
|2013.3|Kai Morino|MI|A Mathematical Approach to Treating Diseases|
|2013.3|Tomoshi Otsuki|MI|Variable Depth Local Search for Multiple Depot Vehicle Scheduling Problems|
|2013.3|Keita Tokuda|MI|A Study on Functional Roles and Mathematical Structure of Switching of Hippocampal Local Field Potentials between Distinctive Dynamical States|
|2013.3|Ryo Yokota|Mech. Info.||
|2012.9|Teerasit Termsaithong|MI|A Neural Field Model at Criticality|
|2012.9|Timothee Leleu|EEIS|Neurodynamics of Sequential Memory|
|2012.3|Chihiro Imai|MI|Modeling Neural Dynamics of Adaptive Color Information Processing|
|2012.3|Lang Cao|MI|Spreading Dynamics on Complex Networks|
|2012.3|Remo Sandro Storni|MI|Noise-Assisted Computation with Logical Stochastic Resonance|
|2011.9|Makito Oku|MI|Mathematical Modeling of Meso-Scale Nonlinear Dynamics in the Brain|
|2011.9|Ken-ichi Sawai|MI|Mathematical Analysis by Probabilistic Modeling for Interpreting Music|
|2011.3|Koji Iwayama|MI|Nonlinear Time Series Analysis with Recurrence Plots and Its Application to MEG Signals|
|2011.3|Masanori Shiro|MI|A Study on Sounds of Musical Instruments as Deterministic Chaos|
|2011.3|Isao Nishikawa|MI|Finite Size Effects on Phase Synchronization|
|2010.3|Haru Aritsuka|MI|A Study on a Method of Presenting Information with Relative Values toward Improving Motivation in a Learning Environment|
|2009.9|Yuta Kakimoto|CSE|A Study on Visual Recognition Processes with Mathematical Models and EEG Analyses|
|2009.9|Hiroki Watanabe|MI|A Study on Effects of Direct Inter-pyramidal Inhibition on Neural Network Dynamics|
|2009.3|Yoshiyuki Sato|CSE|A Study on Bayesian Modeling of Human Perception and Adaptation|
|2009.3|Hong Fan|MI|Topology Dynamics and Collective Fluctuation Behavior in Complex Networks with Preferential Linking|
|2008.3|Yohei Otake|MI|Mathematical Studies on Decision Making and Collective Behavior in Social Relationship|
|2008.3|Ryota Tomioka|MI|Supervised Learning over Matrices with Dual Spectral Regularization and Its Application to Single Trial EEG Classification|
|2008.3|Michael Gutmann|MI|Learning Rules for Data Representation with Dynamical Neural Systems|
|2008.3|Kantaro Fujiwara|MI|Theory and Application in Point Process Analysis of Neural Spike Trains|
|2007.9|Motoori Kon|MI|Study of Human-State Estimation with Cross-Modal Sensors|
|2007.3|Hiroyasu Ando|MI|A Study of Feedback Adjustment Control in Low-Dimensional Nonlinear Systems|
|2007.3|Yuichi Katori|CSE|Transient Synchrony and Neural Coding|
|2006.3|Takashi Takemoto|CSE|A Study on Design and Implementation of Two-Dimensional MOSFET Neuron Model|
|2006.3|Taro Toyoizumi|CSE|An Information Theoretical Study on Neural Coding and Synaptic Plasticity|
|2005.3|Tetsuya Kobayashi|CSE|A Mathematical Study on Intracellular Chemical Reaction Networks|
|2005.3|Gouhei Tanaka|CSE|Analyses and Applications of Collective Behaviors in Coupled Chaotic Maps|
|2005.3|Koji Fukuda|CSE|An Analysis on Expanding Nonlinear Dynamical Systems by Symbolic Dynamics|
|2005.3|Yoshihiro Morishita|CSE|Fluctuations Induced by Population Smallness of Signaling Molecules|
|2005.3|Kenji Morita|CSE|Computational Neuroscience Approach to Functions of GABA in the Cerebral Cortex|
|2004.3|Takaaki Ohnishi|CSE|Econophysical analysis of price changes in financial markets|
|2004.3|Kosuke Hamaguchi|CSE|Spatio-temporal Dynamics of Feedforward Neural Networks with Mexican-Hat type Connectivity|
|2004.3|Aiko Miyamura|CSE|Theoretical Analysis of Stability and Structural Identifiability on Delayed Networks|
|2003.3|Toshihiro Iwamoto|MEIP|Separation of Superimposed Dynamical Signals with Temporal Structures|
|2003.3|Tadayoshi Fushiki|MEIP|(in Japanese)|
|2003.3|Naoki Masuda|MEIP|Duality of Information Coding in Pulse-coupled Neural Networks|
|2002.3|Takashi Kohno|MEIP||
|2002.3|Hideaki Ito|MEIP|A reinforcement learning model of the basal ganglia system -towards realization of higher brain functions-|
|2001.3|Hideyuki Suzuki|MEIP|Deterministic Analysis on Electrical Systems with Thresholds|
|1999.3|Yuichi Sakumura|MEIP|Roles of Neuronal Active Properties in a Single Neuronal Information Processing|
|1999.3|Osamu Araki|MEIP|Dynamical Neural Network Models for Hippocampal Memory|

-MI [[Dept. of Mathematical Informatics, Grad. School of Information and Technology>]]
-EEIS [[Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems, Grad. School of Engineering>]]
-CSE [[Dept. of Complexity Sci. and Eng., Grad. School of Frontier Science>]]
-MEIP [[Dept. of. Math. Eng. and Info. Phys., Grad. School of Engineering>]]