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Ph. D. Thesis

2019.3Takuya NanamiEEISQualitative-modeling-based digital silicon neuronal network models
2019.3Hiromasa SakaguchiEEISInformation Processing by Using Network Dynamics of Nonlinear Units with Bifurcation
2019.3Yoshitaka HaribaraMIRealization and Evaluation of Measurement Feedback Coherent Ising Machines for Combinatorial Optimization Problems
Zhiqiang TongEEIS
2018.3Yang LiMITheoretical Analysis on Wave Dynamics in Cellular Chaotic Neural Networks
2017.9Muyuan XuMIFlexible Information Processing with Nonlinear Dynamics in Neural Networks
2017.3Motoki NagataMITheoretical Analysis on Detection of Systemic Catastrophes in Complex Social Systems
2017.3Masashi K. KajitaMIA Mathematical Study on Ligand Discrimination by Chemical Reaction Networks
2016.9Miwa FukinoMILocal and Global Regularity of Musical Time Series
2016.3Takumi SaseMIAnalyses on Nonlinear Dynamics with Multiple Time-Scales in the Brain
2015.9Taichi KiwakiEEISMathematical Analysis of Large-Scale Boltzmann Machines
2014.9Fang DuanEEISMEG Study on Abnormal Development of Brain Network in Autism Children
2014.3Keisuke EjimaMIMathematical Modeling of Disease Transmission Dynamics with Data Generating Processes
2013.9Jing LiEEISDigital silicon neuronal network and its application to associative memory
2013.3Kai MorinoMIA Mathematical Approach to Treating Diseases
2013.3Tomoshi OtsukiMIVariable Depth Local Search for Multiple Depot Vehicle Scheduling Problems
2013.3Keita TokudaMIA Study on Functional Roles and Mathematical Structure of Switching of Hippocampal Local Field Potentials between Distinctive Dynamical States
2013.3Ryo YokotaMech. Info.
2012.9Teerasit TermsaithongMIA Neural Field Model at Criticality
2012.9Timothee LeleuEEISNeurodynamics of Sequential Memory
2012.3Chihiro ImaiMIModeling Neural Dynamics of Adaptive Color Information Processing
2012.3Lang CaoMISpreading Dynamics on Complex Networks
2012.3Remo Sandro StorniMINoise-Assisted Computation with Logical Stochastic Resonance
2011.9Makito OkuMIMathematical Modeling of Meso-Scale Nonlinear Dynamics in the Brain
2011.9Ken-ichi SawaiMIMathematical Analysis by Probabilistic Modeling for Interpreting Music
2011.3Koji IwayamaMINonlinear Time Series Analysis with Recurrence Plots and Its Application to MEG Signals
2011.3Masanori ShiroMIA Study on Sounds of Musical Instruments as Deterministic Chaos
2011.3Isao NishikawaMIFinite Size Effects on Phase Synchronization
2010.3Haru AritsukaMIA Study on a Method of Presenting Information with Relative Values toward Improving Motivation in a Learning Environment
2009.9Yuta KakimotoCSEA Study on Visual Recognition Processes with Mathematical Models and EEG Analyses
2009.9Hiroki WatanabeMIA Study on Effects of Direct Inter-pyramidal Inhibition on Neural Network Dynamics
2009.3Yoshiyuki SatoCSEA Study on Bayesian Modeling of Human Perception and Adaptation
2009.3Hong FanMITopology Dynamics and Collective Fluctuation Behavior in Complex Networks with Preferential Linking
2008.3Yohei OtakeMIMathematical Studies on Decision Making and Collective Behavior in Social Relationship
2008.3Ryota TomiokaMISupervised Learning over Matrices with Dual Spectral Regularization and Its Application to Single Trial EEG Classification
2008.3Michael GutmannMILearning Rules for Data Representation with Dynamical Neural Systems
2008.3Kantaro FujiwaraMITheory and Application in Point Process Analysis of Neural Spike Trains
2007.9Motoori KonMIStudy of Human-State Estimation with Cross-Modal Sensors
2007.3Hiroyasu AndoMIA Study of Feedback Adjustment Control in Low-Dimensional Nonlinear Systems
2007.3Yuichi KatoriCSETransient Synchrony and Neural Coding
2006.3Takashi TakemotoCSEA Study on Design and Implementation of Two-Dimensional MOSFET Neuron Model
2006.3Taro ToyoizumiCSEAn Information Theoretical Study on Neural Coding and Synaptic Plasticity
2005.3Tetsuya KobayashiCSEA Mathematical Study on Intracellular Chemical Reaction Networks
2005.3Gouhei TanakaCSEAnalyses and Applications of Collective Behaviors in Coupled Chaotic Maps
2005.3Koji FukudaCSEAn Analysis on Expanding Nonlinear Dynamical Systems by Symbolic Dynamics
2005.3Yoshihiro MorishitaCSEFluctuations Induced by Population Smallness of Signaling Molecules
2005.3Kenji MoritaCSEComputational Neuroscience Approach to Functions of GABA in the Cerebral Cortex
2004.3Takaaki OhnishiCSEEconophysical analysis of price changes in financial markets
2004.3Kosuke HamaguchiCSESpatio-temporal Dynamics of Feedforward Neural Networks with Mexican-Hat type Connectivity
2004.3Aiko MiyamuraCSETheoretical Analysis of Stability and Structural Identifiability on Delayed Networks
2003.3Toshihiro IwamotoMEIPSeparation of Superimposed Dynamical Signals with Temporal Structures
2003.3Tadayoshi FushikiMEIP(in Japanese)
2003.3Naoki MasudaMEIPDuality of Information Coding in Pulse-coupled Neural Networks
2002.3Takashi KohnoMEIP
2002.3Hideaki ItoMEIPA reinforcement learning model of the basal ganglia system -towards realization of higher brain functions-
2001.3Hideyuki SuzukiMEIPDeterministic Analysis on Electrical Systems with Thresholds
1999.3Yuichi SakumuraMEIPRoles of Neuronal Active Properties in a Single Neuronal Information Processing
1999.3Osamu ArakiMEIPDynamical Neural Network Models for Hippocampal Memory
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