Research Project

The purpose of the Project entitled "the Mathematical Theory for Modelling Complex Systems and Its Transdisciplinary Applications in Science and Technology"* is to develop a mathematical theory that will facilitate the modelling of complex systems and the creation of transdisciplinary applications of this theory in science and technology. This will be done through exploiting advances in mathematical engineering (a discipline originally developed in Japan) and chaos engineering (a field aimed at creating various applications based on deterministic chaos, fractals and complex networks).

Research Progress

Research Progress in Fiscal 2011

Fiscal 2011 (April 1, 2011 to March 31, 2012) was essentially the second year of our project. Specific and full-scale research of this project has been progressed based on the primary and fundamental research conducted up to fiscal 2010, and we have reconsidered and strengthened our research organization in order to address issues and matters raised in the follow-up meeting held in September 2011.

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